Beefing up your contact lens arsenal with essential contact lens accessories

Your contact lenses don’t work alone. That is one important fact to remember. You need a host of varied contact lens accessories to ensure that your contact lenses perform their optimum potential and thereby guarantee the health of your eyes. Failure to maintain clean and fresh contact lenses will lead to eye damage and in the long run even eye disease and blindness. For a small investment in time and money, you’ll prolong the value of your contact lenses as well as grant comfort to your eyes.

The first things you need to have are your contact lens solutions. Mind you, if you are using daily disposable contact lenses you probably don’t need these. However, if you’re using regular contact lenses, even though you have a frequent replacement schedule you still need to clean your contacts every day. This is to prevent bacteria and fungi build up that may cause infection. There are many cleaning solutions to suit the kind of material that your contact lenses use. You just need to confirm with your eye doctor if these are compatible with your pair. Also, you need to replace your contact lens case too which is why you need replacement cases. Doctors will probably recommend replacing them every month as you never know what kind of bacteria and fungi are breeding in them despite your contact lenses being clean.

Other essentials include eye care treatments like lubricants and eye drops especially when you experience dry eyes syndrome. This is usually a condition that you experience when your eyes and contact lenses become dry due to fatigue and the environment. Antibacterial drops will also come in handy and may be prescribed as the need arises.

There are also cosmetics and cosmetics removers that are specially formulated for contact lens users. You may also have heard of lens removers and lens inserters if you’re kind of leery about touching your contact lenses with your bare hands. Vitamins and supplements are also popular because they ensure that your eyes get the nutrition they need to combat the onset of eye disease.