Blairex Saline Spray

Blairex Saline Spray: Different solutions for cleaning your contact lenses

Contact lenses may have given you the freedom from the “nerdy” eyeglasses but in return you need to invest more time and effort in their care. Cleaning your contact lenses are a bit more troublesome compared to that of eyeglasses but once you’ve established your routine and have gotten the hang of it, it actually becomes very simple. In fact, you can’t miss cleaning your contact lenses because if you do become negligent with your cleaning, then your eyes and visual acuity will suffer and may even lead to blindness if you’re not careful.

There are three basic steps for cleaning your contact lenses. First you clean. Second, you rinse. Lastly, you disinfect. For each of these purposes, there are a number of solutions that are suitable for the kind of contact lenses you’re wearing. A daily cleaner is essential for removing dirt like make-up and eye build-up in your contact lenses. You put a few drops in your palm and use those to rub both sides of your contact lenses, much like you would use soap. For rinsing, you never use tap water as it contains micro-organisms that can cause bacterial infection. You may choose from among multipurpose solutions, saline solutions and hydrogen peroxide solutions for rinsing. Multi-purpose solutions serve as cleaning, rinsing and disinfecting fluid without any need for other products. Saline solutions are handy if you’re rinsing and disinfecting using heat or UV systems. Blairex Saline Spray is one such product. You may even use it as a base for enzyme tablets that remove protein buildup in your contact lenses. You may also use it to store your contact lenses in after cleaning and rinsing. It’s also a very handy solution. Hydrogen peroxide solutions may be tricky because some of them need a neutralizer to avoid hurting your eyes.

These solutions may be used in combination with cleaning and disinfection devices. It is important that you follow your doctor’s prescription to avoid any confusion and mixing of different conflicting products.