Optimum care for your RGP contact lenses from Lobob

Contact lenses are basically the same whether they’re soft or rigid gas permeables. In order for them to function properly, they need to be maintained through meticulous cleaning and storing. The only thing that doesn’t need as much cleaning is the daily disposable kind which you only throw away after using. In some cases, there are many different solutions to use as part of your cleaning regimen. The key is to find a complete set to minimize confusion which can make your regimen dreary and tasking in the long run.

For instance, Lobob’s Optimum brand of cleaning solutions is best for RPG’s. Lobob Labs is a well-known manufacturer of contact lens cleaning solutions so you can rest assured that what you’re getting is satisfaction guaranteed. What are the products that are part of the Optimum family?

The Optimum family consists of an all-in-one solution for your contact lenses called Optimum Cleaning/Disinfecting/Storage Solution (CDS). With this solution, you can clean, disinfect and store your contact lenses with a single product. The CDS solution also prevents lens warpage and protects your lenses from contaminants. For a more in-depth cleaning, there’s the “Extra Strength” Cleaner (ESC). If your contact lenses are suffering from much dirt deposits that regular cleaning can’t get rid off, you may want to try the Lobob Optimum Extra Cleaner solution. It’s non-preserved solution gets rid of surface deposits, oils, lipids, salts and cosmetic residue giving you clean and clear lenses afterward. Another lens care accessory that you can’t do without is the Lobob Optimum Wetting and Rewetting Drop (WRW). Sometimes, it’s hard to put on your contact lenses when your eyes have become dry. You may use the Wetting Drop by applying it on your eyes prior to putting your lenses on. During the course of the day, when your eyes feel dry and irritated, it may be because your contact lenses are losing their moisture. You only need to re-apply one or two drops of the Wetting and Rewetting Drops to your eyes to make them feel rehydrated and moisturized.