Keep your eyes free from dirt and dryness with Opti-Free Accessories

One common complaint of contact lens users is irritation when their contact lenses lose their moisture. The eyes become dry and red and there’s a grainy sensation coming from blinking. The dryness may be attributed to the environment, like if you’re enclosed in an air conditioned room for too long. Air conditioning can suck the moisture dry from the eyes. The grainy sensation may be a result of dirty contact lenses caused by the debris, dirt and proteins that remain in the contact lenses.

It’s no longer a surprise when you hear about the new contact lenses that offer a high level of moisture retention. They supposedly keep your eyes feeling fresh all day. However, some people still prefer to lubricate their contacts for added freshness. Products like the Opti-Free RepleniSH rewetting drops are a handy lens care support especially for moisture conditioning.

The Opti-Free RepleniSH rewetting drops moisturizes and refreshes your lenses even while you’re wearing them. With just a few drops, protein build-up on the lenses is removed leading to better vision and a more comfortable feeling. These lens care drops may be used for daily and extended wear contact lenses.

Another Opti-Free product called Supraclens Daily Protein remover may be added to your daily contact lens routine to help remove protein deposits. You simply put a drop into your lens case with your disinfecting solution, keep your contact lenses stored overnight (for the maximum level of removal) and you’re assured that protein deposits are washed away from your contact lenses. Just be sure to rinse clean your lens cases after use to also remove potential bacteria and fungi build-up in the case.

These products are guaranteed to work to your satisfaction because they’re made by Alcon, Inc., one of the largest manufacturers of lens care products in the world.