Prescription Swimming Goggles

Try a pair of prescription swimming goggles for better eyesight in the water

Have you ever noticed that contact lenses and swimming don’t necessarily go hand in hand? First, there’s a fear associated with swimming with your contact lenses because you might lose them in the water which is understandable if you want to see underwater and you have to open your eyes. Second, if you do risk using contact lenses in the water, there’s a chance of developing bacterial infection from any of the micro-organisms in the water that may attach themselves to the lenses. Third, if you don’t use your contact lenses then your eyesight is not 100% and you probably won’t see anything anyway.

That’s why it’s a good decision to invest in a good pair of prescription swimming goggles for use in the water. Prescription swimming goggles offer the convenience of eye protection and visual correction in one package. Some brands like Hilco and Z Leader Pursuit feature 100% UV protection, anti-fog and shatter-resistant lenses. With Hilco you can even have different prescriptions for each eye. Watch out for goggles that also offer a tint or shade to protect your eyes from glare.

Prescription swimming goggles are not just for adults but for children too. It’s an especially good buy if it will allow your kids to enjoy playing and swimming even when they need eye correction. There are some products like the Z Leader Atom Junior that’s recommended for toddlers between the ages of 2 and 5. Most children’s prescription goggles are also leak proof so that they allow the kids to have confidence in the water and not have to worry about getting their eyes wet.

Getting prescription swimming goggles may change the way you view the water and the possibility of swimming in it. You may learn to enjoy yourself more and value the freedom that these goggles present.