Renu Multiplus No Rub

Your One Solution for Total Lens Care

Do you realize that getting your contact lenses is just one part of the equation to healthy eyes? Your responsibility as a contact lens user doesn’t stop at putting them on. You’re also required to keep them clean and free from protein deposits to ensure that your eyes stay healthy. Ideally, you need to clean them once you remove them unless you’re using daily disposables in which case you just throw them away after using them. But if you use monthly replacements for instance, you do need to remove them daily to let your eyes rest too.

Speaking of cleaning, you’re probably used to using different solutions for different purposes. You need a cleaner, rinsing and disinfectant solution to keep your lenses clean and free from deposits and germs. But did you know that you can do all these processes with just one solution? Keeping your contact lenses in tip top shape is easy with Renu Multiplus No Rub solution from Bausch and Lomb.

Renu Multiplus No Rub solution is a multipurpose solution. It’s literally all you need to use for keeping your contact lenses clean in one single bottle. It’s both a cleaner and rinsing solution which you don’t even have to rub on your contact lenses to clean them. It contains Poloxamine, a cleaning ingredient that effectively removes dirt and debris from the lens. Disinfection is also easy. After cleaning and rinsing, all you need to do is put your contact lenses in their storage case, fill it with the Renu Multiplus No Rub Solution and leave it soaking for at least 4 hours. You can even keep them there for a maximum of 30 days! With as little as 4 hours, you’re sure that harmful microorganisms on the surface of the lens are effectively eradicated.

Another plus to using Renu Multiplus No Rub solution is that it also contains Hydranate, a daily protein remover. Deposits in your contact lenses may cause irritation and discomfort if not cleaned immediately. Using the Renu Multiplus No Rub solution daily also removes protein buildup in your lenses giving you clearer and fresher lenses all the time.