Acuvue TrueEye 30 Pack for Protection and Comfort

People who really want to wear a pair of quality contact lenses that allow daily wear and the ultimate in comfort and protection should take a look at the Acuvue TrueEye 30 Pack. They can solve a number of the issues that are important to people who wear contacts. This is a Johnson & Johnson product that continues in the trusted tradition of great lenses from this company.

There are a few different areas where these lenses stand alone in the industry. They were the first daily wear lenses in the world that were made of silicone hydrogel. This amazing substance has changed the industry and provides not only more comfort, but far more oxygen penetration than traditional lenses allowed. That will be a great help to people who suffer from irritation due to the inability of oxygen to permeate a contact lens. The material used is called narafilcon A. Because it allows nearly 100% of the oxygen to come in contact with the eye, it will give people clearer eyes and make them appear bright and fresh.

Another claim that no other contact lens manufacturer can make is that they have the ability to block more UVA and UVB rays than anything else in the industry. That means that these lenses are not only more comfortable, they are safer for your eyes.

Moisture can also be very important to contact lens wearers. The Acuvue TrueEye lenses have the Hydraclear 1 technology. This includes a wetting agent that will keep the eyes moist throughout the day. Because you wear the lenses for one day, every morning you will be treated to a fresh pair that are moist and comfortable.

If you want to experience comfort and safety like few products can deliver, then try the Acuvue TrueEye 30 Pack. You can save if you purchase them online. Whenever you’re trying new lenses, make sure that you a recent prescription consult with your eye care professional.