The Perfect Fit Contact Lens – Introducing the Acuvue 2!

Using contact lenses should never be a pain. The contact lenses that you wear should feel as if you’re not wearing anything at all. That can be considered the best feature any contact lens manufacturer can ever claim to have and that’s what Acuvue 2 has certainly achieved. Ever since it’s been introduced in the market in 1999, it has been the world’s best-selling hydrogel contacts. What makes it so popular?

The Acuvue 2 primarily provides the best fitting contact lenses anyone can ever have. One thing that most contact lens users complain about is that their contacts seem to catch on to their eyelids and can cause irritation the more that they blink. It’s because most contacts have a slightly higher edge height that rubs on the eyelids. It can get quite uncomfortable especially for extended wear contacts users. With the introduction of the Acuvue 2, and its cutting edge design for reduced edge height, you’ll get the most comfortable pair of lenses with every blink of your eyes.

Now, you would think that contact lenses are simply for correcting your vision, right? Well, that’s not the case anymore. If you feel like changing the color of your eyes to suit your dress or your mood even without the need for corrective vision, it is now possible with the introduction of the Acuvue 2 Colours line. You have 7 bold colors to completely change the color of your eyes and 3 translucent tints to intensify their original color. And because it’s part of the Acuvue 2 Brand Family, you’ll get the comfort fit that everyone’s raving about. One additional feature that makes it a great pair of contact lens is having Ultraviolet protection built in the lenses. Perfect for wearing consecutively for as long as 7 days/6 nights or wearing daily and removing them nightly for as long as 2 weeks.