The Acuvue Brand has been the leading manufacturer of disposable contact lenses the world over. How else can this top brand be improved, you ask? Well, they just developed and patented a new technology that retains moisture in your contact lens for a superb, fresh-feeling all day long. The exclusive Hydraclear Technology that is present in every Acuvue Advance contact lens works together with the breathable silicone hydrogel lens that allows the oxygen to circulate better between the lens and your eyes, getting rid of unwanted irritation and dehydration.

This technology makes wearing contact lenses a breeze. Not only that, but Acuvue Advance also sports the same cutting edge design present in the Acuvue 2, giving you better fitting contact lenses because the edge height has been reduced. Like all the clear contact lenses in the Acuvue family, these contacts also incorporate the highest UV protection for your eyes. They also have visible tints so that they’ll be easier to locate when you accidentally drop one or both of your lenses. Their inside-out markers enable you to see which side is which so you always put on your lenses correctly every time. You’re really getting a full ensemble of features that come with Acuvue’s brand of quality.

There is also another type of lens under the Acuvue Advance family – the new Acuvue Advance for Astigmatism contact lenses. Astigmatism sufferers previously had eyeglasses as their only recourse for corrected vision. Contact lenses aren’t usually built for astigmatism until the introduction of the Acuvue Advance for Astigmatism line. The lens, with their Accelerated Stabilization Design (ASD), incorporates 4 stability zones, a distinct thinner edge and thicker middle keeping them perfectly intact where they need to be. This gives the wearer better-fitting and more comfortable lenses (especially with the Hydraclear Technology) complete with a consistently clear line of vision.