No need for separate reading glasses when you have the Acuvue Bifocal Lenses

It is a fact that as people grow older, eye muscles tend to lose their flexibility making it harder to focus on nearby objects after shifting from looking at far away objects. This is what’s normally called Presbyopia and is most often occurs when reading, especially in low light conditions. To treat this symptom, eye doctors recommend using separate reading glasses or bifocal lenses to enable you to easily shift your focus from far to near in a matter of seconds or minutes (if you have to change glasses).

With this set-up it can be tasking to have to change glasses all the time or at least have the difficulty of having to look for your reading glasses when they’ve been misplaced. It’s a good thing that Acuvue, the world’s leading brand of disposable contact lenses came up with the Acuvue Bifocals product line. Acuvue Bifocals contact lenses are built with the Pupil Intelligent Design – 5 invisible concentric zones within the lens to enable presbyopes the ability to clearly see both near and far, even in varying light conditions. It’s flexible enough to be worn for 2 weeks as a daily wear contact lens or for a week for extended wear contacts. It’s especially beneficial to people who constantly experience having to shift from far to near as part of their profession or hobby, like teachers, artists and even golfers.

What’s more, with the incredible UV protection that they’ve included in each of Acuvue’s contact lenses, your eyes are protected from UV rays up to a certain degree. Each Acuvue Bifocals contact lens also has a visibility tint that makes it easier for you to locate them when you’ve mistakenly dropped them on the floor. Also, to make sure that you’re popping in those contacts in the right position, Acuvue Bifocals also have inside-out markers so you’ll never have to wonder which side is up, so to speak.