Look forward to a new you with Acuvue Contact Lenses

People who have problems with their vision-whether they have nearsightedness or farsightedness-know how hard it is to live every day with an unclear perception of things and how inconvenient it is to reach for eyeglasses as soon as their eyes open in the morning. Daily activities and other athletic pastimes are harder for people with vision problems, because it can get pretty awkward to move around and really get into the activity if you are making sure your glasses would not fall off or be smashed on your face.

Thank heavens for contact lenses! Now, people with less-than-perfect vision can enjoy the activities that require them to move a lot without worrying about their eyeglasses. If you are suffering from nearsightedness or farsightedness, it is recommended that you look into disposable soft contact lenses. In this category of contact lenses, one of the leading brands is Acuvue.

The main advantage of Acuvue over its competitors is its formulation-every Acuvue lens is made of mostly of water, which makes it a comfortable choice for a lot of people. Because of this formulation, your eyes would not react to Acuvue lenses as they would to other “irritants”-which is basically anything that is not close to their consistency.

Aside from being mostly water, Acuvue contact lenses are also ultra-thin, which makes them less irritating for your eyes-reducing the occurrence of tearing and blurry vision. These lenses are also very lightweight, and you will forget that you are even wearing contacts-allowing you to really immerse yourself in all the activities that you enjoy doing.

Acuvue contact lenses are also great for wearing for the whole day, because they do not dry easily. And because they are disposable, they are relatively easy to take care of compared to other types of contact lenses.

Acuvue is also less expensive compared to the other competing brands in the market-making these lenses as a great alternative or supplement to wearing eyeglasses.

Before you make the complete switch to contact lenses, it is best that you consult with an optometrist or an ophthalmologist first whether your vision problems can really be solved by contact lenses. Those who have used hard contact lenses before might take some time to get used to the softness of Acuvue contact lenses and the effort that the lenses take to put on. However, once you have these contact lenses on-especially during the first time-you will find that the initial discomfort will easily give way to a feeling of getting a bit of water in your eyes.

These contact lenses do not take much to maintain. Just make sure that you will follow the instructions indicated in the packaging-especially the ones regarding the disposal of the contact lenses. It is important to dispose of the contact lenses once they have “expired”-as continually using them may result to unexpected infections or afflictions to one of the most sensitive and vital organs in your body.

However, it is not recommended to completely switch to contact lenses. Wear your contact lenses for a couple of hours and then switch back to your eyeglasses afterward. Or if you really want to do away with your glasses, have another pair of contact lenses ready to switch to after you are feeling a little uncomfortable with the pair you put on earlier.

If you are tired of having to mind your glasses or going through the activities you enjoy while taking unnecessary caution, then Acuvue contact lenses are the way to see yourself and your life in an entirely new light.