Breathable contact lenses for healthy eyes

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word “breathable”? It usually conjures an image of softness, of freshness and of comfort. What if you were to apply “breathable” to a pair of contact lenses? It may sound farfetched but really, your eyes need air, specifically oxygen to stay healthy and to deliver optimum performance. But sometimes, especially if you’re wearing contact lenses, the oxygen does not reach the eyes as the contact lenses themselves serve as a barrier. That is the reason why sometimes contact lens users complain of experiencing “dry eyes syndrome”.

The usual treatment for dry eyes syndrome is to keep your contact lenses lubricated with a wetting agent. It relieves the dryness but it can get tiring if you keep doing it the whole day. A revolutionary material, silicone hydogel, has been utilized for the Air Optix Aqua so that you won’t need any other wetting agent to keep your eyes moist. The Air Optix Aqua from Ciba Vision is in itself breathable. It allows oxygen to pass through and circulate between your eyes and your lenses giving your eyes moisture not just when you put them on in the morning but to last throughout your whole day. The difference is in the comfort that you feel from having contact lenses that are fresh and comfortable without the need for lubrication.

What’s more, Air Optix Aqua is highly dirt resistance which makes it an even better product than the regular contact lenses. Contact lens users know how important it is for the contact lenses to be clean and free from dirt deposits. Any accumulation of dirt and protein deposits on the contact lenses may lead to bacterial or fungal infection. Only regular cleaning and disinfection can protect your eyes. The additional protection from Air Optix Aqua is truly a big advantage.

Air Optix Aqua also follows a recommended 4 week replacement schedule. It makes it easier to remember when to replace your lenses since you only have to do it every time the month changes.