Breathable Toric Contact Lenses

It’s already hard to find the right contact lenses given so many brands and types out there in the market today. Though your priority is of course, improving your vision and getting your eyesight better, you can’t help but consider all the other advantages featured by the different brands. It’s even harder to choose when you have to look for Toric lenses for your astigmatism because they’re not as common as regular brands. Toric lenses are not spherical like normal contacts because they have to adhere to the irregular shape of the cornea and that is why it takes a number of fittings to get the right pair of toric contact lenses.

Among the contact lenses brands for astigmatism, Air Optix Aqua for Astigmatism stands out. First, they’re contact lenses specially designed for astigmatism manufactured by Ciba Vision, a world leader in the contact lenses industry. Second, they’re made with a unique silicone hydrogel material that guarantees moistness and freshness for your eyes and contact lenses throughout the day. Having contact lenses that guarantees comfort already offers a huge advantage over its competitors because comfort is as important as being able to see clearly and consistently especially for people with astigmatism. This revolutionary material is also dirt resistant so it provides added protection against harmful bacterial infection that you may experience even when you’re diligent with your cleaning and disinfecting routine.

The breakthrough Precision 8|4 design of Air Optix Aqua for Astigmatism minimizes interaction between your eyes and your lens providing stable and consistent vision. Sometimes, when you blink, it’s inevitable that the lenses may shift or move out of position causing blurry vision. The less lens interaction from blinking minimizes the shifting and that’s how you get clarity of vision.

The Air Optix Aqua for Astigmatism is easily replaced every month and is recommended either for daily wear or extended wear for up to 6 nights.