The Unbeatable Convenience of Air Optix Night and Day Contact Lenses

You know what’s the best part about wearing contact lenses? It’s the fact that you’re no longer wearing eyeglasses and being stereotyped as the geek or the nerd. You get the same convenience of being able to see with improved vision without anyone knowing that your eyes even need any correction. The only slight difference between contact lenses and eyeglasses is in the manner of cleaning. Eyeglasses need only a clean cloth to clean and maybe some soap and water to scrub the smudges off. With contact lenses, you need special solutions and disinfectants to be able to maintain that level of cleanliness. This can be somewhat of a chore for some contact lens users

However, contact lens manufacturers seem to understand this concern and have thus so far developed Air Optix Night and Day contact lenses so answer the need. Air Optix Night and Day is the first silicone hydrogel contact lenses that have been approved by the FDA fit to be worn 24 hours a day for up to 30 days and nights. Imagine the convenience of waking up and not having to grope for your glasses or bump your way to putting on your contact lenses. Every time you wake up, you can already see clearly! It’s like getting laser surgery without the added cost.

What’s more, Air Optix Night and Day’s silicone hydrogel material allows 6x more oxygen to pass through and circulate between your eyes and lenses. This is what makes the contact lenses so comfortable to use without damaging your eyes even when you wear it up to a month. Most extended wear contact lenses can only be worn up to a week and then your eyes have to rest for at least a day or two to give time for your eyes to rest and gain back the oxygen lost.

With Air Optix Night and Day, you’re sure to see clearly for a longer period of time without the discomfort and the hassle of the cleaning.