The Wonders of O2 Optix – Now in Contact Lenses

You’re all familiar with how important oxygen is to humans. Without oxygen, without us being able to breathe it, we simply die. Imagine what will happen to your eyes if they don’t get the oxygen they need to function properly. They will also simply waste away and eventually you may find yourself going blind. All of this is a possibility when using contact lenses that don’t let your eyes breathe.

If you want to protect yourself then you have to choose contact lenses that allow your eyes to breathe. What better brand to trust than that of O2 Optix from Ciba Vision. First of all, Ciba Vision is a world leader in the manufacture of high quality contact lenses so that you’re assured of top notch contact lenses for your eyes. Second, O2 Optix is made from a revolutionary material called silicone hydrogel that allows 5x more oxygen to pass through the lens and circulate between the lens and the eyes. This allows your eyes to maintain their health. It also minimizes the risk of experiencing dryness in your eyes which can lead to redness and irritation and if not taken cared of immediately, may lead to infection.

One other thing that can lead to infection is the accumulation of dirt and protein deposits on the lenses. Sometimes, it is inevitable despite being religious about strictly following your cleaning and disinfecting routine. The good thing about O2 Optix is that the surface treatment of the contact lenses is highly resistant to dirt deposits. Though this doesn’t mean you’ll be negligent with your cleaning duties, it’s simply an additional protection for you against infection.

Because of O2 Optix’s breathable formulation, it’s possible to continuously wear the contact lenses for up to 6 nights, even while you’re sleeping without worrying about the risks. However, wearing it for longer than the extended recommended period poses highly serious risks.