Optima 38 SP from Bausch and Lomb

It is often a given that when you’re used to a certain brand of product and it has never let you down, you will hardly think of replacing it or trying out a new and different product. So it is with the Optima 38 SP, one of the contact lenses from Bausch and Lomb which for more than 10 years has been a leading favorite among contact lens users.

What makes Optima 38 SP last this long despite so many competitors and upcoming new products? It all boils down to the comfort that these lenses give its users. Comfort is the most important factor when choosing contact lenses because without comfort you won’t even be able to see properly and it may even turn you off from continuing to wear your contact lenses. Durability is also another factor and Optima 38 SP certainly delivers on this without fail. It may be a bit thicker than other lenses but it also lasts longer even with the added wear and tear. Optima 38 SP also has a visibility tint, a light blue tint that makes it easier to see the lenses in the solution prior to application or insertion into the eyes. The visibility tint also comes in handy on the occasion that you accidentally drop one or both lenses. It’s already bad enough when you drop your lenses and you can hardly see without them but when you cannot see the lenses themselves, then that really makes everything else even more difficult. So the visibility tint is a big help and a very useful feature.

Optima 38 SP comes in packs of 2 per box and follow a recommended monthly replacement schedule. It’s still important and necessary to visit your eye doctor so that he’ll be able to determine the best replacement schedule for you.