Let Biofinity take you out from your dry world

Dryness in your contact lenses is a real pain. As any contact lens user will tell you, you always need a lubricant to continually provide moisture and wetness to your eyes and contact lenses. Dryness comes from being in a cold room all day. It also results from staring at your computer, working your eyes to their breaking point, sometimes even forgetting to blink. The dryness can sometimes be exacerbated when your contact lenses does not have enough moisture content to relieve the strain.

Blinking is one of the eyes’ ways of dealing with the dryness. But sometimes, due to pressure from work, we tend to forget to even blink as much as we should. This is one reason why you need to look for contact lenses that have high moisture content, like Biofinity from CooperVision. Biofinity also features the patented “Aquaform” technology that attracts and binds molecules within the lens so you don’t even have to keep wetting your eyes to keep them lubricated and moist. It’s definitely an advantage when you think of the convenience that freedom from lubricating agents can bring you. First, you don’t have to deal with the dryness and you also get to save more money since you don’t have to buy lubricating agents anymore.

What’s more, freedom from dryness results in having healthier eyes. The special material that Biofinity is made from is highly breathable, meaning more oxygen is allowed to pass and circulate between the eyes and the lenses. This oxygen permeability promotes healthy eyes because the eyes can breathe and get more than their daily dose of oxygen as opposed to the depletion of oxygen from regular contact lenses. This level of comfort also brings a sense of well-being since you’re aware that your risk from getting infection resulting from dryness, red eyes and irritation is minimized.