Biofinity Toric – The Best in Contact Lens Technology

The Biofinity Toric is indeed the best toric contact lens in the market today, and many people will attest to this statement. Provided by industry leading CooperVision, it provides five distinct benefits not available in other contact lens brands/lines.

It offers exceptionally high oxygen performance, leaving you with clear, white and healthy eyes

It is made from a patented, naturally water-loving material to provide utmost comfort all day

Its material is uniquely formulated to keep the eyes moist to minimize discomfort

It features a round spherical lens to provide you superior comfort

More importantly, it features a patented technology to help correct astigmatism

What is in Biofinity Toric that allows these desirable benefits? The secret lies in the material and the technology that only CooperVision can innovate. Biofinity Toric lenses are made from a soft material called comfilcon A that is both water-loving and naturally breathable. This material makes the patented Aquaform technology possible as it forms hydrogen bonds with water molecules to hold the water in. This technology makes the lens wettable, soft and particularly resistant to deposits and dehydration. In addition, silicon monomers (siloxane molecules) in the Biofinity Toric allow oxygen to flow efficiently and freely through the lens. This contact lens also provides the proprietary design called “Optimized Ballast Toric” where constant horizontal thickness is maintained across the balance area to provide more stability and better visual acuity.

The material and technology behind the Biofinity Toric makes it the ideal contact lens for patients suffering from astigmatism. This contact lens allows your eyes to have a balanced amount of both water content and oxygen flow, even for thicker lenses such as those for astigmatism.

Biofinity Toric contact lenses come in an overwhelming number of varieties, ranging from +6.50D to +8.00D, then from -8.50 to -10.0D, four-cylinder and axis around the clock, among many others. This line of contact lenses by CopperVision offers the widest range of toric parameters in silicon-hydrogel toric lenses.

This contact lens line is duly registered by the FDA in the US for daily use and extended use. The Biofinity Toric is known to be best paired with the AquaSoft cleaning solution.