Biomedics 1-Day now known as Clearsight 1-Day

Daily disposables really bring convenience to a contact lens user’s life. Imagine not having to worry about cleaning solutions, disinfecting and storing of your contact lenses simply because you can throw them away after you them for a day. Because that’s what daily disposables are – you use them for a day and after you’re done, they’re finished and you can remove them and throw them away. Isn’t that the ultimate convenience for you? That’s not all. With fresh contact lenses every day, you can rest easy that there are no dust and dirt deposits to worry about. These may cause eye irritation, redness and even bacterial or fungal infection and worse if not treated promptly. That’s the beauty of daily disposables.

The popularity of daily disposables or dailies has prompted contact lens manufacturers to make their own different brands. One brand, originally coming from Ocular Sciences, now under CooperVision because of their merger in 2005, is Biomedics 1-Day now also known as Clearsight 1-Day. Biomedics 1-Day is one of those contact lenses that can truly boast of providing outstanding comfort throughout the day. The reason behind this is its unique design. The lenses themselves are exceptionally thin making it seem that you’re hardly wearing any contact lenses at all. The thinner the lenses, the more comfortable they are on the eyes, because there is less interaction between the lenses and the eyelids. The less interaction, your contact lenses hardly move thereby giving you better vision, none of the blurry vision that some people experience when they blink.

Another feature of the Biomedics 1-Day contact lenses that make them worth buying is the UV Inhibitor. As the name suggests, it inhibits certain UV rays from harming the eyes although it doesn’t mean that you won’t take any other added precautionary measures to completely block them.

Try visiting your local eye doctor to see the difference the Biomedics 1-Day disposable contacts has over its competitors.