Introducing the Aspheric Optical Design in Biomedics 55

With so many different brands of contact lenses available in the market, it’s sometimes hard to choose which one is the best. Do you go for the recognized name of the manufacturer? Do you ask around among your family and friends which type of contact lens do they use? Do you even go online and do your own research before going to your doctor’s clinic?

Sometimes, it also happens that because of merging of certain companies, like in the case of Ocular Services merging with CooperVision, names and brands of their products keep changing and you find yourself at a loss. The only thing you can rely on is if they keep and retain the original brand name and you start from there. Like with the Biomedics 55. It is recognized as both CooperVision’s Ultraflex 55 and Ocular Sciences’ Biomedics 55. Regardless, the important thing is that whether you refer to it as Biomedics 55 or Ultraflex 55, the basic features are the same. In fact, the contact lenses have even been enhanced.

The Biomedics 55 are two-week disposable contact lenses. You can wear them continuously for a week even when you sleep. But after that you have to replace them with a pair. The reason behind it is that you wouldn’t want to experience eye irritation and possible bacterial infection from wearing the lens for too long. You run the risk of dust accumulation in the contact lenses. If you prefer, you can make them last the whole 2 weeks by removing them at night and cleaning them prior to their storage until their use the next day. Just be diligent in following your eye doctor’s instructions on how to keep your contact lenses clean and safe for use. An important feature in the Biomedics 55 is its aspheric optical design. What this does is precisely focus light traveling from the lens to the eyes so that you always get perfect and clear images all the time, more than any other contact lens brand. It also features a light blue tint that makes it easier to see your contact lenses when you put them on. It also comes in handy when you accidentally drop them.