he best only gets better – the Biomedics 55 Premier

Don’t you agree that it’s wonderful that even the best can still get better? Contact lenses are no different. First, they served as alternatives for the age-old eyeglasses. They were originally bulky and caused a lot of discomfort to its users. Then manufacturers invested in a lot of research and then they succeeding in revolutionizing the industry with the introduction of the new soft contact lenses that are still in use until today. Even so, more and more innovations have been developed to keep soft contact lenses a popular favorite.

One of these innovations is the material. Newer contact lenses are made of silicone hydrogel that makes it easier to retain moisture because it allows more oxygen to circulate between the lens and eyes. This kind of material makes it easier for people to wear the contacts throughout the day and even at night without compromising vision and comfort. In conjunction with this material, manufacturers also found out that if you combine the material with a moisturizing agent (called different names depending on the brand) the lenses even stay fresh for a longer period of time. Some contact lenses even get moisturized with every blink of your eye.

What sets the Biomedics 55 Premier apart from the rest is its design. Its aspheric optical design focuses light from the lens to the eyes in a more precise fashion. This gives you clear, crisp visual acuity every single time you put on your Biomedics 55 Premier lenses. What’s more, the lenses are exceptionally thin around the edges, minimizing lens-lid interaction, making for a more comfortable fit. It’s like you hardly notice you’re wearing contact lenses.

Also, because it comes in a 1-2 week recommended replacement schedule (although it’s advisable to follow your eye doctor’s advice on replacement), you can wear the lenses for about a week, continuously even at night. Or, if you prefer, you can wear them for 2 weeks but you have to remove, clean, disinfect and store them at night prior to another use the next day. After the 2 weeks are up, you need to throw them and put on a new pair.

Despite the many brands out there, it all boils down to what you’re looking for in a pair of contact lenses. The Biomedics 55 Premier is all about comfort and visual excellence so visit your eye doctor for a fitting.