Comfortable contact lenses with a bi-weekly replacement schedule – Biomedics XC

When looking for contact lenses, there are many variables to consider. First, since there are several brands coming from contact lens manufacturers, it can get very confusing especially to someone who’s going to use contact lenses for the first time. Next, you also have to consider the replacement schedule. You can choose from among daily, weekly or monthly contact lenses depending on your lifestyle and preference. And now, there are even colors to complement your look! So, that’s really a lot to think about.

But say, you’re looking for a weekly pair of contact lenses. Coopervision, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of contact lenses, merged with Biomedics (another great eye care company), and they have come up with the new Biomedics range of contact lenses. One of these, the Biomedics XC, is their 2-weeks extended wear contact lenses. You can wear them continuously, without removing them for 1 week, but if you remove, clean and disinfect them nightly, you can wear them up to 2 weeks and then put on a new pair after that. What’s great about the Biomedics XC is that it’s made of an aspheric lens that provides clearer and crisper vision than other brands. It also uses their patented PC technology that because of its unique material containing molecules of phosphorylcholine (PC), the contact lenses become naturally moist and retain that feeling of freshness and comfort all throughout the day.

The important thing to remember with any type of contact lenses is to keep them clean and disinfected so that you avoid eye irritation and possible bacterial or fungal infection. Keep to your prescribed replacement schedule as per the advice of your eye doctor. Most important, once you feel any discomfort or uncommon irritation in your eyes or even when the redness does not go away even after you take off your lenses, it’s best to consult your doctor. Your eyes are valuable. Keep them safe.