Go Wild with Snake Eye Contact Lenses

The eyes of snakes and other reptiles are very distinct from those of other animals.  Aside from being in this shade of chilling yellow, they have vertical pupils compared to the usual round pupil in the center of other creatures’ eyes.  Snake eyes contact lenses are often used in movies with actors that play some sort of reptilian hybrid, or a monster who can kill cold-bloodedly as a snake or a reptile can.  There are plenty of contact lens manufacturers that offer snake eye contact lenses, and many of these companies design natural-looking snake eye contact lenses that will be convincing enough for close-ups in the movies.

But you can also use snake eye contact lenses to up the ante of your Halloween or theater costumes.  For theatrical roles, snake eye contact lenses will be a little too far for the audience to observe, but it will definitely help the actor internalize the character better if his or her physical features are completely changed.  Halloween costumes will definitely dance on the wild side with snake eye contact lenses that will give you that startling, otherworldly, and inhuman look that will definitely set you apart from your friends and acquaintances.

However, the wild side must only be unleashed on your costume and physical appearance and not with the care of your snake eye contact lenses.  First, make sure that the brand of snake eye contact lenses you buy is reputable and approved by the United States FDA, a certification that will ensure the safety and comfort of the contact lenses.  Also, it will be important that you follow the manufacturer’s instruction regarding the duration of wearing the snake eye contact lenses.  Not all lenses—especially the specialty contact lenses—are designed for long-term wear, and wearing them for more than what is recommended can pose serious dangers to your eyes and vision.

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