Jazzing up Your Look with Cosmetic Contact Lenses

Most people who wear contact lenses need to wear them—they have a problem with their vision that contact lenses can directly address.  People suffering from nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, or presbyopia can use contact lenses to be able to see clearly.  But people who just want to enhance their physical features can use contact lenses too—and they can buy cosmetic contact lenses to serve their purposes.

Cosmetic contact lenses, just like any contact lenses, must be bought with a prescription even though they are not categorized as medical devices.  They are also made of roughly the same materials as prescription contact lenses, but they do not have the “power” that allow someone with vision problems to see things more clearly.  Cosmetic contact lenses are also designed to allow the user to change their eye colors or enhance the natural coloring of their eyes.  Most prescription contact lenses are plain and clear-colored—but cosmetic contact lenses come in a multitude of different colors, including the naturally occurring eye colors such as blue, green, gray, brown, and hazel.  There are also more vibrantly colored cosmetic contact lenses that come in colors such as purple, yellow, pink, lime green, and even red, white, and black.  There are also a wide variety of designs in cosmetic contact lenses—from those that naturally highlight the topography of the human eye to those that lend an otherworldly look perfect for Halloween and other occasions that require costumes.

Even if cosmetic contact lenses can be bought without a prescription, it is still wise to consult an eye doctor before you wear them.  Eye size and shape will matter even in cosmetic contact lenses, and the eye doctor can help you determine the contact lens size you should wear and if you are a good candidate for contact lenses.

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