Look Different! Wear Blue Contact Lenses on Brown Eyes

For many cultures, blue eyes are one of the main symbols of youth and beauty.  Young children—and even young animals—often have light blue eyes, which will significantly darken over the years.  Blue eyes are also associated with a lot of beautiful faces that we have swooned over the last few decades, which leads a lot of people to think that having blue eyes will definitely boost their attractiveness.  Blue eyes are one of the lighter colors naturally occurring in humans, but people with the more common brown eyes want to be able to achieve blue eyes through contact lenses.

Brown, other than being the most common of all eye colors, is also the darkest in the chromatological scale when compared with hazel, gray, green, and blue.  This will make it hard for brown-eyed people who wish to change their eye colors pick a contact lens type that will completely mask the color underneath.  Modern technology has allowed contact lens manufacturers to design and create lenses that will completely cover the dark brown color of eyes—the success of blue contact lenses on brown eyes will depend on the kind of contact lenses you have chosen.

It will be important for you to remember that blue contact lenses on brown eyes will need to be opaque.  The other kind of color contacts—the color enhancement contact lenses—will just play up and complement the natural color of the eyes and will not give you an entirely different color.  Opaque contact lenses, on the other hand, have a completely opaque ring of color, with a hole in the middle to allow you to see.

Blue contact lenses on brown eyes will also need to be of the right size to your eyes, so they will look natural.

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