Looking Pretty with Doll Eyes Contact Lenses

Looking Pretty with Doll Eyes Contact Lenses

There are a lot of people who are not very comfortable with the way their eyes look.  There are many of them that are unsatisfied with the more external parts of the eyes, such as the eyelids), but there are also a good number of people who are not particularly happy with the size of their irises.  In the past, there is not much that one can do about the size of your irises—unless you consider getting an eye transplant for otherwise perfectly fine eyeballs.

Doll eyes contact lenses are one of the methods that these people can explore to enhance the appearance of their eyes.  These kinds of cosmetic contact lenses are very popular among teenagers and young women in Asia, who can get very insecure with their small eyes.  As the name of the product implies, doll eyes contact lenses give the wearer a doll-like look because of the larger (and often, vividly colored) irises.  Many women would wear these doll eyes contact lenses with coquettishly long eyelashes and doll-inspired clothes to appear younger and to mimic popular characters in Japanese animation.  Doll eyes contact lenses lend a distinct and very attractive doe-eyed look to the teenage girls and young women who wear them—especially in cosmopolitan Asian cities where the women are more conscious of their looks and are largely influenced by Western fashion and aesthetic trends.  In fact, the fashion-forward music icon Lady Gaga is credited to have popularized doll eyes contact lenses in countries other than Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan because she wore them for her “Bad Romance” music video.

Before wearing doll eyes contact lenses, always make sure to consult your eye doctor.  Never wear these doll eyes contact lenses for more than eight hours, because there are reported incidents of irritation and other minor complications.

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