Party Contact Lenses: Wear them and Be the Life of the Party!

Party contact lenses are perfect for those occasions when you need to take your costume to the next level.  Up until recently, contact lenses with special effects and designs are reserved for movie sets, where they were used to lend an otherworldly look to actors playing scary characters.  Recently, there are a good number of manufacturers and stores distributing special effects contact lenses for people who want to add to the scariness and ghoulishness of their costumes.

However, there are a lot of concerns raised over the safety of party contact lenses. Party contact lenses are often perceived to be very different from prescription lenses, which are especially designed not only to improve the vision of the wearer, but also to be worn for extended periods of time.  The vivid coloring and special designs of part contact lenses might also intimidate some users—these features, the believe, might have some adverse effects on the eyes.

Party contact lenses are relatively safe to wear, especially if you buy them from reputable manufacturers that would not compromise the health of your eyes.  Ciba Vision and Cooper Vision both offer an exciting array of party contact lenses that are made with the same and ultra-comfortable material that they use with their prescription contact lenses.  Plus, Ciba Vision and Cooper Vision party contact lenses are approved by the US FDA, which means that despite their unconventional appearance, these party contact lenses are very comfortable and safe to wear.

Also, it will be important to remember that party contact lenses—no matter the brand—should not be worn continuously for more than eight hours.  This is because their material does not allow for much oxygen to pass through, and depriving the surface of your eyes of oxygen can result to discomfort, swelling, and even permanent damage to the cornea.


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