Taking Costumes and Outfits to the Next Level with Special FX Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are not exclusively reserved for vision correction needs. While they may allow the wearer to be liberated from the limitations of eyeglasses, contact lenses can also allow the wearer to introduce a subtle (or sometimes, major) change to their looks.  In the past, special FX contact lenses are just used for movies or television shows, where actors have to adapt a superhuman or an inhuman persona.  Red, white, pure black, bright radioactive green, and other bright colors of special FX contact lenses are often used for film costume purposes.

The recent years have observed a sudden popularity of special FX contact lenses among mainstream customers.  There is also an observable popularity of crazy designs such as stripes, cartoon character faces, spirals, flowers, checkerboard patterns, smiley faces, company logos, flags, and other such patterns.  There are also special FX contact lenses with a more specific costume in mind—ghouls, zombies, vampires, aliens, and creepy creatures of the dark.  There are a lot of brands for special FX contact lenses, and many of them are manufacturers of the more traditional prescription contact lenses.

It is important that the special FX contact lenses that you buy for your costume needs are from a reputable manufacturer and store.  Also, it will be important for you to check whether the special FX contact lenses are approved by the United States FDA to be sure that they will be safe and comfortable to wear.  Do not scrimp on your special FX contact lenses either—cheap contact lenses tend to be made of substandard materials, which can probably hurt your eyes and permanently damage your vision.  Always consult with your doctor first if you have not worn contact lenses before.  The doctor will be the one to measure the size of your eyes and recommend possible contact lenses brand that will be safe to wear.

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