1-2 Week Disposable

What are 1-2 Week Disposable Contact Lenses?

With so many types of contact lenses out in the market, it’s no wonder that you might get confused sometimes about the categories and the classifications. Actually, it’s all really very simple. Dailies or daily wear contact lenses are those that require you to wear them one day at a time and you remove and throw them before you sleep.

For longer wearability, there are 1-2 week disposable lenses. But don’t be fooled. These lenses are good for up to 2 weeks, yes, but you are also required to remove them nightly if you want them to last for the 2 weeks. You still need to clean them after removing them too. If not and you wear them continuously without taking them off at night, they’re only good for up to 1 week. You need to clarify with your eye doctor which replacement schedule is best for you.

What makes 1-2 weeks disposable a really good bargain is that they also come with great features. For instance, you’ll find patented moisture-retention agents within contact lenses, varying by brand names, to keep moisture within the contact lenses for a very comfortable feeling all day. None of that eye dehydration that is normally associated with your regular contact lenses. Some of them even feature a visible tint on the lens so that it’ll be easier to handle and find if you accidentally drop them. Some also have inversion marks so you won’t make a mistake putting in your contacts the wrong way.

No matter what type of contact lenses you need, most manufacturers produce a good variation of lenses that come in the 1-2 week category. There are lenses for Astigmatism patients, lenses for people who prefer multifocal lenses instead of buying bifocals or reading glasses, and lenses for those who want to change or highlight their eye color even without the need for correcting their vision.

Depending on your lifestyle and eye condition, you won’t have a problem getting 1-2 week disposable contact lenses as they also come in a wide range of parameters. It’s best to get your eyes checked and ask for advice from your eye practitioner to get the full range of benefits from 1-2 week disposable contact lenses.