Color Disposable

Thinking of buying Colored Disposable Contact Lenses?

There was a time when colored lenses where unheard of. It was more common to hear of contact lenses being used for prosthetics when special eyes were needed for the movies. But now, with the advent of new technology, colored contact lenses have become an aesthetic alternative especially when you want to change the color of your eyes on a whim.

What if I don’t need corrective vision, can I still buy colored disposable contact lenses? This seems to be a frequently asked question. True that it’s not really necessary for you to need your eyes corrected for you to be able to purchase colored contact lenses. However, dispensation of contact lenses require a prescription from your eye doctor thus you need to have your eyes examined too. This will also help your eye practitioner to determine which type of contact lenses will be right for you. Remember, you also have to choose from daily, weekly or monthly replacement schedules to fit your lifestyle as well.

Among the many colored contact lenses out there, there are many colors and types to choose from. If you totally want to change the color of your eyes, whether you have light or dark eyes, you may try FreshLook Colorblends or Acuvue 2 Colors. They have a number of stylish colors that you can check out. If you want to illuminate the color of your eyes with a starburst pattern, then FreshLook Radiance colored contact lenses are for you. If you simply want to enhance the color of your eyes, maybe make it seem brighter or larger, FreshLook Dimensions is your choice.

Though these contact lenses are colored, it doesn’t affect the way you see things. Much like the visibility tint that are present in some contact lenses, where they’re lightly tinted blue or green, they only serve to make the lenses more visible especially when handling them and to make it easier for you to find them when you’ve accidentally dropped them.

If you’re interested in trying out these colored contact lenses, some of the manufacturers have their own website where you upload your photo and allow you to manipulate the color of your eyes based on your choice of colored lens. If you prefer a hands-on approach, some manufacturers also let you try these lenses for free at your preferred doctor’s clinic.