Daily Disposable

Hassle Free Contact Lenses in the new “Dailies”

During earlier times, people were so enamored of contact lenses that they didn’t mind doing all the cleaning and storing after they’ve gotten them. It was such a relief to get rid of unsightly eyeglasses that to clean nightly is hardly a chore at all. But then, later on, because people’s lives have gotten so fast-paced and active that to clean contact lenses thus became a chore. The result was, people hardly removed their lenses even if it meant getting bacterial infection from accumulated dust and debris in the lens.

Well, naturally, contact lenses manufacturers responded to the clamor of not having to clean the contact lenses and so they came up with what you call “Dailies” or daily disposable contact lenses. These are contact lenses that you use for one day only. You pop them in the morning and before you go to bed, remove them and throw them out. It’s very simple. It gets rid of the unwanted cleaning and storing and what’s best is that you always get a fresh pair all the time.

The best feature about Dailies or daily disposables is that they all have some form of moisture retention agent that keeps your eyes refreshed and moisturized all day long. It certainly gets rid of the problem of eye dehydration that can be quite painful. It also minimizes and may even totally dispense off with lubricating your eyes all the time.

Aside from the regular daily disposables, contact lens manufacturers have also designed daily lenses for those with astigmatism and presbyopia, called Toric lenses and Multi-focal lenses. You’re guaranteed a safe solution for your eye condition complete with the comfort that everyone’s been looking for.

Using daily disposable contacts also lessen the incidence of bacterial and fungal infection arising from accumulated dust and protein deposits when lenses are not cleaned or removed.

Daily disposables are the solution to a hassle-free yet perfect vision no matter what your lifestyle is.