Monthly Disposable

The trick to wearing Monthly Disposable contact lenses

Monthly disposables are another alternative if you’re looking for extended wear contact lenses. Many people choose to wear monthly disposables because it means fewer trips to their eye doctors for replacement contacts. Also, remembering to replace your contact lenses every month is easier to remember than weekly or even bi-weekly. What is the trick to wearing monthly disposables?

The secret to monthly disposables is its special material. Most of them are manufactured using silicone hydrogel, the newest material that’s guaranteed to grant comfort and freshness to your contact lenses and eyes throughout the day. The reason behind it is that it allows oxygen to travel between the eye’s cornea and the lenses virtually making the lens “breathable”. This means that there’s less chance for eye infection and less eye soreness and pain from eye dehydration. There’s also less vision blurring caused by the irritation. The newer monthly disposable lenses are also made thinner to minimize lens and lid interaction for a more comfortable feel.

However, having monthly disposables carries a great responsibility in the care of the contact lenses themselves. With some monthly disposables, you need to remove your contact lenses every night, clean them and store them, ready for use the next day. If you don’t clean them, mineral deposits from your tears and accumulated deposits from daily dirt and pollution get trapped in the lenses. They may cause eye irritation and even bacterial or fungal infection if you don’t clean them properly. Always use fresh solution to clean lenses and never use tap water or reuse your solution. Make sure that your hands are also fresh and clean when removing and cleaning your lenses.

Monthly disposable contact lenses are available in regular prescription lenses, torics for astigmatic patients, multi-focal lenses for those suffering from presbyopia and even colored contact lenses if you’re inclined to change your eye color.