CooperVision Contact Lenses Are Recognized The World Over

With decades of experience under its belt and many brand names produced under its umbrella, CooperVision contact lenses are known throughout the world for quality and craftsmanship that deliver clearer vision to customers.

CooperVision contact lenses come from The Cooper Companies Inc. This healthcare industry giant has been serving the world with products for decades. Some of the major brand names in the overall CooperVision line include Biomedics, Clearsight, Expressions and Biofinity.

Under the CooperVision name itself, this company produces two highly regarded lines – Frequency and Proclear. Both models of CooperVision contact lenses offer distinct benefits for wearers.

The Frequency line includes low moisture content products and even lenses to correct astigmatism. The line features:

The Frequency 38 model – These CooperVision contact lenses offer an alternative for people who are not comfortable with high water content designs. This type of lens only has 38 percent water content, so it provides more comfort for those who prefer a dryer option. Complete with UltraSync technology, these lenses are produced with consistency in mind.

Frequency 55 Contact Lenses – This family of products from CooperVision contact lenses offers quality options for people with a number of different concerns. The line includes the Frequency 55 Aspheric design, Frequency 55 Toric Contact Lenses and the Frequency 55 Toric XR.

The Proclear family of CooperVision contact lenses offers wearers another option. This line includes Proclear Compatibles and Proclear multifocal designs. Both models are created to deliver all-day comfort without drying out the eyes.

CooperVision contact lenses are trusted the world over for their quality and performance. The Proclear brand even boasts FDA clearance for its claim “may provide improved comfort for contact lens wearers who experience mild discomfort or symptoms relating to dryness during lens wear.” When nothing less than the best will do, CooperVision has the right solution.

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