Avaira contact lenses – when you want moisture in your eyes

One common complaint among contact lens wearers is the dryness in the contacts when exposed to really cold environments, like when you’re stuck in an airconditioned room the whole day. Tiredness and fatigue also contributes to the dryness making your eyes red and feel grainy adding even more to the irritation that you experience.

However, recent developments in the contact lens industry have yielded contact lenses with high moisture content that make you feel comfortable all day. One of these contact lens brands is Avaira from CooperVision. CooperVision as you know is one of the world’s top manufacturers of contact lenses. Avaira is their brand of contact lenses with high moisture content, as much as 46% water. Their “Aquaform” technology also sets Avaira apart from other contact lens brands because through it, the Avaira contact lens material is softer and more flexible, thereby upping the comfort level in your eyes.

The secret to Avaira is its material. It is capable of attracting and binding water molecules to it resulting in greater moisture and a more refreshed feeling. You don’t need to use any other lubricants or wetting agents to keep them moist throughout the day. This means more savings for you because you don’t need to keep stock of such wetting solutions.

But the moisture is also just one part of the lenses that makes you feel comfortable wearing it even for a long time. The material is also very oxygen permeable meaning more oxygen circulates between your eyes and the lens which ultimately leads to healthier eyes.

However, since moisture attracts more dirt and other residue, these lenses are recommended for replacement every 1-2 weeks. Even with proper cleaning, protein debris may not be totally eradicated and this may lead to eye irritation and if left untreated may eventually lead to blindness. You need to be responsible when keeping to your replacement schedule.

Another plus is the softblue visibility tint for easy handling and the UV blocker to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays.