Refreshed Eyes all day long with Ciba Vision’s Dailies Aquacomfort Plus

It gets very uncomfortable when your eyes dry out when you’re wearing contact lenses. It happens most often when you’re in a room with airconditioning or when you’re stuck in front of a computer the whole day. Yes, contact lens lubricants work but do you really want to keep doing that the whole day? It’s such a pain to have dry eyes that you wish contact lens manufacturers dream up something that will lessen the instances of having to lubricate your eyes all the time.

Now, thanks to Ciba Vision’s dedication to improving contact lenses through research and development, there’s a new product called Dailies Aquacomfort Plus that comes in packs of 30’s and 90’s. What makes this product stand out is its Triple Action Moisture that lubricates, moisturizes and refreshes your eyes all throughout the day. To start your day, the contact lenses are immediately lubricated as soon as you put them on. They even have the VisiTint feature to help with ease of handling and insertion of the lens. The moisturizers inherent in the lens keep your eyes comfortably fresh all day and are activated every time you blink. This guarantees that you won’t ever need any additional lubricants to drop into your eyes. And, because these contact lenses are designed for daily wear, there’s no need for cleaning and storing. You just dispose of them once you’ve used them with practically no hassles and worries.

Ciba Vision’s Dailies Aquacomfort Plus contact lenses are perfect for people who expect the highest degree of comfort in their lens, like as if they’re not wearing contact lenses at all. It’s really low-maintenance because they’re daily disposables, you just pop them in and then throw them out. Plus, with the unique Triple Action Moisturizer your eyes feel fresh all day long. What more can you ask for? Dailies Aquacomfort Plus is the complete contact lenses.