All Day Comfort with a new line of products from Ciba Vision’s Focus Dailies

In today’s fast paced world, people are always on the look-out for fast and easy ways to make their lives a little bit more convenient. It’s the same way with contact lens users. The tedious and sometimes messy way of keeping your contacts clean can really turn you off to a point that you’ll probably want to just wear eyeglasses. And the dryness in your eyes that you experience when you’re tired can really be a pain.

However, there’s good news. Ciba Vision has introduced a whole line of contact lens products, called “Focus Dailies” that, as the name suggests, are daily disposable contact lenses that come in packs of 30’s and 90’s. They are low maintenance because you throw them out after each use, so there’s no cleaning and storing involved. You always get a fresh pair everyday, just pop them in and off you go. You also don’t have to buy any cleaning solutions at all. They’re also perfect if you just want to take a break from wearing glasses.

What’s also great about the Focus Dailies line is that the contact lenses come with a built in AquaRelease moisturizing agent that is released every time you blink. This blink-activated moisturizer ensures that your contact lenses won’t dry off and that certainly guarantees freshness for the whole day. They also feature a light blue tint (not enough to change the color of your eyes) so that it’s easier to see the lenses when you’re handling them. Changing your contact lenses everyday also reduces the risk of protein build-up and lessens the incidence of allergic reactions caused by accumulated dust and seasonal ocular allergies.

Focus Dailies also has its own contact lenses for those with Astigmatism, called Focus Dailies Toric All Day Comfort, and for those who need Bifocals, called Focus Dailies Progressives, both complete with the AquaRelease feature.