Fighting Presbyopia is easy with the new Focus Dailies Progressives

Have you noticed that as you age and as you reach your 40’s, you find it difficult to read what’s just right in front of you but you have no problems looking at distant objects? Either you’ve strained your eyes too much or you’re feeling the onset of presbyopia, an eye condition that makes shifting your focus from far to near and vice versa a bit difficult. The usual “cure” to presbyopia is using bifocals or reading glasses because you’re trying to get better visual acuity for objects that are closer to you, like for reading books, newspapers and magazines.

Nowadays, there are new contact lenses made especially for presbyopics and they’re called Progressives, a kind of multi-focal lens that allows you to see both near and far and even in the mid-range distance without the visible lines common in bifocals. Focus Dailies Progressives is one such brand of contact lenses that allows you to just pop in the contacts and throw them away after the day is done. It practically does away with the hassles of cleaning and storing and even minimizes the chances of getting allergies from dust accumulations on the lens.

What’s more, since these lenses are made by Ciba Vision, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of contact lenses, you’re assured of quality and comfort. These Focus Daily Progressives have extremely thin edges for a comfort fit and have a built-in blink-activated moisture action for fresh lens and eyes.

Don’t you think it’s about time to upgrade from your rather unsightly bifocals eyeglasses and be hip and cool with the new Focus Dailies Progressives? You just don’t get greater visual acuity but it’s also more aesthetically pleasing to put on Focus Dailies Progressives. So head on over to your preferred eye doctor to learn more about using Focus Dailies Progressives.