Beating Astigmatism is a cinch using Focus Dailies Toric 30 Packs

It has been a long wait for people with astigmatism to be able to wear contact lenses specifically designed to correct their eye condition. It was entirely unheard of until recently when contact lens manufacturers were able to come up with contact lenses for astigmatism called Toric lenses. Toric lenses are shaped to comfortably fit against the irregularly-shaped corneas of astigmatism patients. This is basically the only difference between Torics and regular contact lenses.

With Focus Dailies Toric 30 Pack, your not only is your astigmatism corrected but you also get the convenience of a daily disposable contact lenses. What does this mean? Dailies work on a 1-day disposal replacement schedule. After you use them for a day, you remove them and just throw them away. It’s entirely convenient and hassle-free because you no longer have to clean them and store them for the next day’s use. You also don’t have to worry about accumulated dirt deposits like you would for an extended wear type of contact lens.

Another good thing with the Focus Dailies Toric is that it’s infused with a moisturizing agent that’s activated every time you blink. When this happens, your eyes and lenses get instantly refreshed, lessening the dry eyes syndrome that causes eye irritation and redness. You’re assured of comfortable fit and fresh eyes the whole day. No need for the regular eye drops that you use to lubricate the lens especially when you’re in an air-conditioned room the whole day.

Traditional contact lenses also don’t have the advantage of the light blue handling tint that allows you to see your contact lenses better, whether you’re putting them on or when you accidentally drop them on the floor. With your Focus Dailies Toric, you get the tint, the comfort from fresh and moisturized eyes and lens, the no-hassle replacement schedule and the corrective lens for astigmatism. This is probably all you’ll ever need in a pair of contact lenses.