Monthly colored contact lenses at your fingertips

If you’re looking for extended wear contact lenses, your best bet is to get monthly contact lenses. These are highly-durable contact lenses that are specially designed to withstand the standard wear and tear associated with an active lifestyle. True, that some people prefer dailies, or the 1-day disposables, because there’s no need to clean them but some find the ritual of cleaning and taking care of their contacts a more fulfilling process.

Among the many monthly disposables available in the market, Focus Monthly Softcolors really stand out. Not only do you get high quality monthly disposables as these are manufactured by Ciba Vision, a world leader in the contact lens industry, they are also colored so you can change the color of your eyes in a snap. At the moment, you have three colors to choose from: Royal Blue, Evergreen and Aqua. These are perfect for light-colored eyes, like blue, green, light hazel and gray, because your own natural colors blend with the tints in the Focus Monthly Softcolors contacts, enhancing and highlighting the color of your eyes.

Since Focus Monthly Softcolors follow a monthly replacement schedule, you need to remove them, clean them and store them for the night before you can use them again the next day. It’s important to follow the instructions that your eye doctor advised you so that you don’t have a problem with bacterial or fungal infection later on. A good thing about it is that it comes in packs of 6 so it’s like you only need to buy a pack twice a year. How’s that for affordability and convenience? It’s also easier to remember when to replace your old pair. You don’t even have to remember it or be reminded about it constantly – when the month changes, so does your contacts.

Feel free to visit your eye doctor for more information and maybe a free trial to see how the colored contacts look on you.