FreshLook Colors for a more natural eye-color change

It can be refreshing if you can change the color of your eyes on a whim. It’ll be like being able to change your hairstyle or even your wardrobe as fashion dictates and as the season changes. Earlier colored contact lenses didn’t look natural at all and only made you look funny. It’s a good thing that FreshLook Colors came out in the market and is the salvation for people with dark-colored eyes who want to change their eye colors, forgive the pun, in a blink of an eye.

FreshLook Colors are designed to create natural and subtle eye-color changes for people with dark-colored eyes. They are originally made by Wesley Jessen, now merged with Ciba Vision, and utilize a patented technology that combines 3 colors into one to give a more dramatic change in your eye color. They come in four colors: Blue, Green, Hazel and Violet. You may even visit the FreshLook website to see how good these colors look on you. You may use these FreshLook Colors contact lenses even though you have 20/20 vision but you are still required to visit your eye doctor for a proper fitting and prescription. This will also give you a better chance at deciding which color looks best on you.

FreshLook Colors come in a 1-2 week replacement schedule. You can wear them continuously overnight for a week or you can wear them daily and remove them nightly for up to 2 weeks. Frequent replacement of your lenses means more comfort for your eyes. It lessens the accumulation of dirt and dust deposits that can later on lead to more serious injuries to your eyes like bacterial infection. Each pack contains 6 pairs of contact lenses that are designed with your comfort in mind. They even have an inside-out marker that serves to show the contact lenses’ right side up. This feature comes in handy when you’re putting on your contacts and you worry about putting them in the right way.