Astigmatism contacts for first time users

It can be very exciting when one goes to the eye doctor for a check up and a fitting for their very own contact lenses. With new contact lenses now, people with astigmatism can also wear their very own contact lenses, called Torics that are specifically designed to correct for astigmatism. Now, it’s just a matter of choosing which brand and its features to complement the kind of lifestyle that you have.

For first-time users, the important thing is to get used to the routine of having contact lenses. That means being able to put the contact lenses properly in the eyes, being able to properly clean, disinfect and store the lenses and just basically getting used to wearing the lenses themselves.

FreshLook Toric contact lenses are an ideal pair for first time users, especially for people with astigmatism. First, they’re made by Ciba Vision so the reputation as a worldwide leader in the contact lens industry is already set in stone. Second, the FreshLook brand of contact lenses is well-known for their comfort which is a great thing to have when you’re only starting out and getting accustomed to wearing contact lenses. Third, the lenses are made as 1-2 week disposables. This means that it’s good training ground for cleaning and storing. You have a choice of wearing them continuously for a week, even at night or for two weeks with cleaning and storing. It won’t be as dreary or boring if you have a monthly replacement schedule but not as “wasteful” as the dailies. Fourth, FreshLook Toric contact lenses have a light blue tint that makes it easier to locate while in its blister pack prior to putting them on your eyes. Some contact lenses are still clear and transparent so it’s a pain when you accidentally drop them and you have to look for them.

Make sure that you visit your eye doctor for your proper prescription and for further check-ups.