Should you switch to 2 week contact lenses?

One of the most convenient types of contact lenses are the daily disposables, which you can put on in the morning and throw away in the evening before you go to sleep. However, daily disposables can get quite expensive and  until recently were are not actually designed for some vision correction needs like astigmatism.  Yearly contact lenses, on the other hand, will require great care because they are supposed to last for an entire year before you throw them out.  These yearly contact lenses also require proper maintenance to avoid eye infections and complications.

But there are other options that you should explore, such as 2 week contact lenses. These 2 week contact lenses will be thrown out after two weeks of use—and while they will still require proper maintenance and regular care, the process is not as delicate because 2 week contact lenses do not need to last you for an entire year.  They are a lot less expensive compared to daily disposable contact lenses, and there are varieties of 2 week contact lenses that can be left on for the entire duration.

These extended wear 2 week contact lenses are perfect for those who cannot spare the time to clean, disinfect, and moisturize their lenses every morning and evening.  You will put in the 2 week contact lenses one morning, and you will just remove them on the evening of the fourteenth day.  This kind of 2 week contact lenses is perfect for those who work on shifting schedules or do not have a set routine for two weeks.  These contact lenses are made out of a special material that will not dry out even after days of having them in your eyes.  However, you will need to make sure that you avoid cigarette smoke and dusty rooms to avoid discomfort.

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