Proclear 1 Day 30 Pack For Keeping in Moisture

If you like the convenience and safety that comes with daily contact lenses but have not found any that will remain comfortable and effective all day then the Proclear 1 Day lenses might be right for you. CooperVision is one of the most trusted names in the industry and you’ll be able to rely on these contacts all day long.

Many daily wear contacts feel great when you first put them in but simply don’t last. The PC technology that is used in the Proclear lenses is what makes the difference. The material used in the construction of the lenses is something called phosphorylcholine; that’s where the PC technology gets the name. These molecules will bind with the water molecules that are so often lost with inferior lenses. This creates a shield of water around the lens that keeps it feeling great.

When many one day contact lenses start to dry out halfway through your day, the PC Hydrogel will continue to last until you take them out at night. These lenses are so effective at doing this than they are the only ones that have been cleared by the Food and Drug Administration to make the claim that they “may provide improved comfort for contact lens wearers who experience mild discomfort or symptoms relating to dryness during lens wear”. That’s offering peace of mind like few other contact lenses can.

When you get the Proclear 1 Day 30 Pack, you have a collection of 30 daily disposables that come in a sterile offered saline solution with 60% water content. From the time that you put them in until you discard them you are treated to eyes that are moist and comfortable. With the Proclear lenses, you can enjoy the convenience and safety of daily lenses and have eyes that feel fresh all the time.