Proclear Toric XR – the better alternative for higher parameters of astigmatism

It can be quite frustrating when you’re suffering from astigmatism and you can’t find any other solution except to wear glasses or to undergo a surgical procedure. Naturally, you’d rather go for the glasses route especially if you’re faced with financial constraints. It’s a good thing that contact lens manufacturers have heard the pleas of astigmatism patients and have thus been able to design and develop contact lenses specifically to deal with astigmatism and they called it “Torics”.

Toric contact lenses are called such because of their irregular shape that matches the irregular shape of the cornea of astigmatism patients. They may also include parameters for myopia (nearsightedness) or hyperopia (far sightedness) if needed. However, for patients with high parameters of astigmatism, they used to be limited to those expensive, yearly replacement contact lenses. There weren’t soft and disposable contact lenses available for extended ranges. Not until Proclear Toric XR came into the market.

Proclear Toric XR contact lenses are toric lenses with a wider and extended range of parameters for astigmatism. They are made by CooperVision, one of the leading manufacturers of contact lenses. What makes Proclear Toric XR special is that the contact lenses are designed for monthly replacements instead of the annual schedule of some contact lenses. Monthly replacements mean better eye health because you tend to have fresh lenses every month that reduces the incidence of bacterial build-up in your lenses, especially when cleaning routines are neglected or forgotten.

And if comfort is what you’re looking for, Proclear Toric XR provides exceptional comfort and moisture retention because of their trademark PC technology that guarantees Proclear Toric XR lenses with refreshed lenses for up to 12 hours of wear.

However, since these lenses are custom made based on your prescription, they may need some 2-4 weeks of delivery, especially if you’re ordering online. Regardless of the waiting time, comfort, clear vision and an easy to remember replacement schedule make the Proclear Toric XR contact lenses worthwhile.