Make Reading More Comfortable with Reading Contact Lenses

For people with rapidly degenerating vision, reading glasses are the best option to be able to read small text printed on books, newspapers, and magazines.  But it can get quite tiresome to continue digging in your bag for the reading glasses, or turning the house over in search of the item that will help you read words more clearly.  Many people wonder if there are reading contact lenses, which will not only have all the conveniences and comfort of wearing contact lenses, but will also allow the user to be spared of the hassle of looking for his or her missing reading glasses.

Yes, there are “reading contact lenses” that can replace reading glasses.  This kind of contact lenses is often referred to as “progressive contact lenses,” and not because there are new kinds discovered every year.  Most people older than 40 are having trouble focusing at short distances, and they will of course require bifocals to address the loss of corneal elasticity that their eyes are suffering.  Often, these older people will be both nearsighted and farsighted, which will make it very hard for them to wear corrective contact lenses.

However, reading contact lenses are designed differently—often, they are designed to provide your eyes separate vision powers in the same lens.  When you look out at a far distance, you will be looking through one area of the lens; and the same goes for inspecting something up close.  You will get clear vision no matter the distance with reading contact lenses.

There are a wide variety of brands and manufacturers that offer reading contact lenses, and one of the most popular ones is Acuvue (the contact lens arm of the healthcare products giant Johnson & Johnson’s), but there are also brands that will be suitable if you have a smaller budget.

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