Precision UV Contacts Now Offer Protection Along With Convenience

A relatively recent innovation in the contact lens industry is the ability of a lens to protect the eyes from ultraviolet rays.  It seems that this has been incorporated into sunglasses for a long time but for some reason, the contact lens industry was a little longer to follow.  When they were first introduced, there are also wasn’t much in the way of selection.

Now you have some excellent choices, one of the best possible being the Precision UV Contacts.  They are manufactured by Cibavision, which is one of the most trusted and innovative brands in the world.  These lenses include only comfort but also thoughtful additions like a light tint for ease of handling.

These Precision UV lenses also offer flexibility.  You can wear them for up to two weeks if you remove them every night and they can even be worn on a constant basis for a period of one week.  You should talk to your eye care professional when it comes to determining how long you can wear a specific type of contact lenses.

Of course, many people choose these because they want additional protection for their eyes.  That can include not only ultraviolet radiation, but also from dryness.  These lenses offer 74 percent moisture.  That means that they are extremely comfortable and this also contributes to their ability to be worn for many days at a time.

When you are going to be using contact lenses that provide ultraviolet protection, it is important to understand how they work and how you should use them.  Because they do not cover the entire eye, this shouldn’t stop you from wearing protective sunglasses if you are exposed to a lot of sunlight.  What the Precision UV contacts can do is increase the amount of protection you are getting and keep your eyes feeling comfortable and safe all day long.

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