The Advantages of RGP Contact Lenses

RGP contact lenses, or rigid gas permeable contact lenses, are a type of contact lenses that has been around for a long time as an alternative means of vision correction, but has been replaced by soft contact lenses over the last few years.  RGP contact lenses first began as a more preferable substitute to hard contacts, which severely limited the amount of oxygen on the cornea.  Hard contacts, especially when worn for extended periods of time, posed a danger to the wearer because the lack of oxygen led to complications such as dryness, swelling, cloudiness in the cornea, blurred vision, and even eye infections.  RGP contact lenses allowed more oxygen to the eyes than hard contacts, and the construction of the lens allows tears to wash over the corneas when blinking.  This feature provides the wearer adequate moisture to the cornea.

RGP contact lenses can be custom-fitted to your eyes, and unlike contact lenses, they will retain their shape better when you are blinking or closing your eyes.  This means that sharp vision will not only be crisp, but constant.  The rigid construction of RGP contact lenses is perfect for people suffering from astigmatism—the rounded cornea of the lenses will allow more light to enter the center of the retina and produce clearer vision.  In the advent of soft contact lenses that were designed to feel like a drop of tear on the eyes, RGP contact lenses were reserved for patients with irregular or scarred corneas.  Also, people who have undergone LASIK surgery often use RGP contact lenses to correct the post-surgery aberrations.

Before you decide that RGP contact lenses is right for you and your eye condition, make sure that you set up an appointment with your eye doctor first and secure his opinion.

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