PureVision Multifocals are the latest alternative to the traditional bifocals

Looking good is always a concern among women and even men whether they want to admit it or not. When you’ve been having difficulty in shifting your focus from near to far or when things look blurry even when they’re pretty near you and your eye doctor mentions that you may have presbyopia, it may stun you a little. You can’t believe that even at the start of your 40’s you will be having an eye condition that’s most associated with your grandparents or even parents and their reading glasses or bifocals which are usually the traditional way that presbyopia is treated.

But have no fear, nowadays most contact lens manufacturers have figured out a way of treating presbyopia with contact lenses and you need not wear the unsightly reading glasses or bifocals. Bausch and Lomb, one of the world’s first contact lens manufacturers have PureVision Multifocals that are aimed at correcting presbyopia by giving you clear vision across distances. Multifocals are so-called that because they can instantly help you see far, mid-range and near objects clearly and without blurring, all at the same time. When you’ve experienced reading a book and looking up and things look hazy, PureVision Multifocal contact lenses get rid of the haziness and automatically adjust your eyes’ focus.

Because it’s part of the PureVision family, you also get the same benefit from the “AerGel” material that lets more oxygen circulate between the eyes and lens giving you fresh-feeling lenses all throughout the day. The lenses are also highly dirt-resistant so you’ll have no trouble about dust accumulation that can harm your eyes, like cause eye irritation or even bacterial infection. They are also safe for 30 days of continuous wearing provided that you regularly clean the lenses prior to using them again for the next day. After the 30 days, you do need to replace them with a new pair. It is however prudent to follow the wearing and replacement schedule that your eye doctor has prescribed for you to avoid any adverse reactions.