Soflens 38 (formerly Optima FW) from Bausch and Lomb

Doesn’t it get quite confusing when contact lenses change their name and packaging just when you’re about to get your new replacements? Pretty much like in the case of Soflens 38 from Bausch and Lomb. It used to be known as Optima FW but has been repackaged into the new Soflens 38. Not to worry though, it’s still the same tried and true contact lenses that you’ll get. It’s just the name and packaging that were changed.

The Soflens 38 is made from polymacon material that boasts of superior handling and dirt resistance properties. For a daily wear schedule, this will prove useful in protecting your eyes as dust can accumulate on the lens if you’re not careful. First-time users will also find it easy to use and adapt to as it’s very comfortable, very durable and comes with a visibility tint and inversion indicator.

Your comfort is guaranteed because of the ultra-thin design of the lens. The lens sports an extremely low-center thickness that makes you feel like you’re not wearing contact lenses at all. The visibility tint comes in handy because you are able to see the lenses more clearly in their solution as opposed to clear, transparent lenses. When you accidentally drop the lens, it’s also easier to locate it. The inversion indicator is a stamp on the contact lens that shows you if the lens is inside out. With this, you won’t make a mistake with putting on your contact lenses on the wrong side.

All in all, the Soflens 38 has the complete features that make it a great pair of contact lenses. They are also available for daily or extended wear with a planned replacement schedule depending on what your eye doctor recommends. Either way, you just need to be conscientious with your cleaning and disinfecting routine to avoid eye infections.