The ability to see from all distances – thanks to Soflens Multifocals

You know you’re becoming old when you notice some difficulty focusing on nearby objects, specifically those less than an arm’s length away from your eyes. This is the onset of presbyopia and the only traditional treatment was the use of reading glasses or bifocals. Presbyopia is generally caused by the loosening of the eye muscles that make it hard for the eyes to focus on nearby objects. Modern technology has improved the traditional bifocals and now there are contact lenses designed for presbyopia too.

Soflens Multifocals are contact lenses that are designed to correct presbyopia and enable people to see not just nearby objects but mid-range and far/distant objects too at the same time. With the conventional bifocal eyeglasses, you need to adjust your neck in order to shift your eyes to focus from far to near and vice versa. With the new Soflens Multifocals, and their new Natra-Sight™ Optics, you are able to easily transition from far to near and anywhere else in between without sacrificing your visual acuity.

Given such freedom with Soflens Multifocals, nobody need know that you’re wearing contact lenses designed for presbyopia. This will help belie your age if you so desire. However, there are also other important things to consider like your daily wear schedule. It’s imperative that you stick to the regimen that your doctor prescribed. Removing, cleaning and disinfecting your contact lenses prior to storing for the night is a must. This ritual, though sometimes becomes a dreary task, is intended to prevent you from having bacterial infections caused by the improper use of the contact lenses. The frequent replacement schedule, usually between 2 weeks, keeps the protein and dust accumulations at bay.

As an added feature, Soflens Multifocals have a handling tint that makes it easier for you to see the lenses while in the solution.